Version 1.x

In order to change simuSearch settings, click "Settings" button on the "simuSearch" tab:

Change Settings

The Settings window is displayed.

Settings form

The Settings window contains the following options:

- Deafault Wikipedia language - Defines the language displayed on the Wkipedia web page. For example, if you are consistently looking in Wikipedia for French terms, the Default Wikipedia language should be set to French.

Default translation language:

- "Remember my last choice" (checkbox) simuSearch will remember the last "From" and "To" languages that were used and set them as the default "From" and "To" languages.

- "From" and "To" (comboboxes) Sets the default source and target languages for a translation web service. These fields are only available when the "Remember my last choice" checkbox is not selected.

- Comboboxes "From" and "To" define default "From" and "To" translation language. If you check "Remember my last choices" checkbox, the simuSearch will remember the last "From" and "To" languages that you've used and set them as default "From" and "To" languages.

- "Notify about new version" check box - Displays a new simuSearch version notification when you open an Office application the includes the simuSearch functionality.

- "Check new version button" - Initiates a search for new simuSearch versions via the internet.

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