a little about us

Established to create advanced software projects, SBS Labs is the brainchild of Alexander Becker. The goal of SBS Labs is to develop quality and practical software for power users and novices alike.
SBS Labs aims at offering customizable MS Office automation solutions for small and large organizations.
Among SBS Labs’ offerings are simuSearch and Acronyms Master.

simuSearch is a free add-in for Microsoft office that integrates popular web tools with Microsoft Office programs.

Acronyms Master is a standalone program that offers easy, quick and accurate acronym and abbreviation management. It satisfies a demand for unique functionality which is why it is being used by thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.
We are glad to receive constructive feedback from our customers. A lot of research has gone into the making of Acronyms Master and your feedback will make future versions even better.

In order to provide our customers with the highest quality software, our products are tested thoroughly before releasing it to the public. Our tools are used by Engineers, Scientists, Managers, Consultants, Technical Writers, Business personnel, and Personal Assistance the list goes on. Research shows that those who have used our products have recommended them to their friends and colleagues.

We invite suggestions and comments to make our products better.

Business Ethos

We pride ourselves in the quality of service to both our clients and their customers in turn. And promise never to embark on aggressive marketing or offer any services that we don't honestly believe will be beneficial to the client. To this aim we offer Free Support and a Money Back Guarantee.

We promise never to put the needs of prospective clients ahead of those of our existing ones.

Environmental Ethos

environmental ethos All our office's energy supplies are 100% environmentally friendly, and we constantly review our energy efficiency. We make every effort to recycle as much of our waste as we can. Where possible we use recycled products or those produced in an environmentally friendly manner.

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