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What do Google search engine, Wikipedia, and

Microsoft Office have in common?    simuSearch.

simuSearch is a free Microsoft Office add-in that integrates popular web services with Microsoft Office programs: Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.

simuSearch enables the following web services:
check mark Google search
check mark Wikipedia search
check mark Acronym search
check mark Text translator using Google Translate or Microsoft translator.

So, how does it work?

1.   Select text in your Word document / Excel spreadsheet / Outlook message / PowerPoint presentation

text selection

2.   Click the Google search / Wiki search / Acronyms Search / Translate button in the simuSearch tab
       found on the Office ribbon.

google search

3.   The result will appear in your web browser.

google search results

4.   There is no step 4!


Here's what some of our customers have to say about simuSerch

What a Time-Saving Application for Proposal Professionals. Some may remember my search for an acronym generation tool that worked with MS Office(tm) earlier this year. I just received an invitation from the makers of Acronyms Master Pro, the tool I selected for my company's use, for another Office add-in that allows you to search Google, Wikipedia, and also perform translation of text from one of three on-line translators, ALL AT ZERO COST!
Installed the software on my office computer, using MS Office 2010, and have been playing around the with tool. What a time-saver! When working with international clients and their RFPs, being able to quickly translate selected text dynamically without having to exit your document, worksheet, or email is a real time-saver.
So far, with both large and small files, using both Word and Excel, it's performed flawlessly.

James D. Wininger spacer James D. Wininger
Business Capture and Proposal Management Professional
Winning Through Words, LLC
For a lot of us, Google has become an integral tool in our professions. The accuracy of this search engine remains unrivaled. However, gliding between your browser window and your word processor to incorporate the results of your findings into your documents can sometimes be a tricky and inefficient process.
Thankfully, the bright minds at SBS Labs have thought of this little piece of software that integrates google, wikipedia and other tools right into MS Office. The program is called SimuSearch. SimuSearch is completely FREE and fuses seamlessly with your MS Office Suite (2007 or 2010). This results in the ability to perform Google, Wikipedia and other web searches right from your MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint windows. Spec Writers, just imagine the possibilities! Now you can search companies, products, standards etc. without ever leaving MS Word! Another advantage is that the interface is very user friendly and the learning curve quite gentle.
I’ve been using SimuSearch for about six months now and I’m yet to find anything wrong with this program. It works so smoothly and makes so much sense.

CSC spacer Juste Fanou
"The Toronto Specifier"
September 2012 edition.

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Company Information

simuSearch has been developed by SBS labs – the developer of Acronyms Master.

Acronyms Master is an acronym management solution for Microsoft Word.

If you like simuSearch, give Acronyms Master a try.

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